This experience has been marvelous. The accommodations were perfect and very charming.

My best two moments? I don’t know what to tell you, they have been so many…

On the arrival to the centre/ashram and to see all the kids doing Karate was very emotional.

I fondly remember the food in the village with family. The way they attended us and the affection they demonstrated. It was the best food of the trip too. The Authentic flavor of India!


maria jose1_testimonio_viajeIndia_openeyes

I loved the real experience on the desert in Jaisalmer, the boat ride on the spiritual Ganges river and of course, the visit to majestic Taj Mahal at the sunrise.

In my case, it was very special for me to meet the child I was sponsoring in Varanasi.


maika_testimonio_viajeIndia_openeyesMy experience within these 15 days with you has been unforgettable. The organization was stupendous and the activities were fully experiential.

Besides we visited emblematic and touristic places we were able to get closed to Indian culture.


belen barange_testimonio_viajeIndia_openeyes

Now back to the routine, I more appreciate the wonderful vacations that I have been fortunate to do this summer. Experiences, moments and memories that are already part of me. I don’t think that I will ever forget.

You offered us to know India in an unique and special way showing the caring about every detail and love dedicated.



We could have visited India preserving our western lifestyle and maintaining a prudential distance. This distance would have permitted us to to look at and to photograph almost without being seen.

Fortunately we chose an option that has allowed us to break our life style and to connect with authentic culture in India.