Sustainable tourism is based on offering the traveller an authentic cultural experience that supports and respects the local community. We care about the local people – who are the real ambassadors for their country. And we believe that sustainable tourism should not be an alternative option parallel to conventional tourism.

Our programs and projects, below, are the manifestation of our commitment to sustainable tourism. If you would like to read more, download our Responsible Tourism Policy.

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Inclusive Tourism

In 2014, we started a theory and practical program destined for underprivileged youth to get a dignified job in the tourism sector.

Women empowerment and equality

We initiated a Ethical Fashion project to improve the self esteem of  Indian women.

Furthermore, we support a social organization dedicated to train women to become taxi drivers. With this job let them to get equally job opportunities in tourism sector in India.

Support to small artisans

In our trips we approach our traveler to artisans to contribute directly to the local economy.  

Cultural Immersion in rural areas of Rajasthan and Tibetan communities.

We have designed activities in the rural areas of Jaipur. We also stay in a Tibetan monastery giving support to the most excluded communities of the country.

Child protection

Since 2011, we give support economically through our trip Cultural Immersion in Benares and visits to one NGO that works to improve life conditions of the children in Benares.

Environment and elephant protection

We work to preserve the ecosystem of Andaman Islands through our Andaman trip. We also collaborate with a real elephant rescue centre in Agra.

“We want to improve the places we visited. We want that tourism revenues also benefit local people living in the destinations we travel.”

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